Audio Posts about Vaasi Yogam will be uploaded from the Tamil month of Maasi (from 13 February 2018) onwards. There are still few hours of recording pending and I am doing the audio recording whenever time permits.

With the blessing of all Siddhars, I would be starting the Vaasi Yoga teaching & training classes for devotees from the New Moon day (Ammavasai) of tamil calendar month Chithirai.

Two days of classes would be held every month for three years. The classes would be free of charge.

Devotees who are interested to practice and attend this Vaasi Yoga training should follow the below strictly

The charges for the training material and guide would be Rs.350 per person. Additional Postage charges is applicable for overseas devotees.

The registration for the training classes would be open from 5 February 2018.

If you wish to attend this training, send in the following details to