Initiation and Training for Deathless Art:

To realize the graceful glory of Almighty within oneself and to sense that it is spread consistently everywhere, one needs to undergo legitimate and good Dyana (Meditation) practices under the guidance of distinguished Master. Nowadays the term "Dyanam" and "Yoga" have gone to a level, that it is identified as a new age trend or some sort of business mode to gain financial benefits. It has lost its original sheen to the engulfing modern trends and fast moving e-age dynamics. There are very few Guru available on this earth who could teach the art of deathless living to its enterity. Even if good Gurus descend to teach this art, there are no proper disciple available to receive this divine teaching. People tend to search for meditation/yoga through books/internet and fascinated by the flashy words such as "Kayakalpa" and "Kundalini awakening", they try to do them on their own and finally accomplish nothing but sheer waste of precious time. Through misconception, false beliefs and superstitions either they discontinue doing anything good or continue to do the same old wasteful deeds for many years and unknowingly die one fine day which can be avoided if they would have thought logically to seek a legitimate Guru's guidance or simply understand the meaning of the saying, "A good teacher is worth thousands of books".

In the human body there are 72000 nerves put to work for the proper functionality of the body. Among these nerves, 3 nerves are considered to be the parent nerves. They are called as "Surya Kalai", "Chandra Kalai" and "Suzhumunai". Suzhumunai(Forehead center) is the birth place of life forms and is the origin of divinity. When one realizes his origin within that point, he can achieve anything on this universe within matter of seconds. Being the focal point of divinity, knowingly or unknowingly everyone would have realised a strange sensation when it is touched or tickled. Many a people misunderstands that they have achieved something great but the truth lies deeply hidden, which needs ample amount of practise and experience to get it excavated out. Only a true Guru who has reached that point and seen Lord Shiva in his light form (Arut perum Jothi) can show the pathway to others, to unearth this divine treasure. There are very secret technique to reach the level of Suzhumunai called as "Vasi Yogam" , known only to Siddhars.

Known by the world there are only 64 divine arts in this universe called as "Aaya Kalaigal 64". But only enlightened saints, sages and Siddhars knew the truth of the 65th art of attaining the deathless art, which was kept secret for several yugas. Only the eligible devoted disciples of Ayya, gets this once in lifetime chance to realize his true potential by himself and attain a deathless art.For this, one needs to complete surrender(saranagathi) and faith to his divine feet. He invokes the permission of all Siddhars, Lord Shiva and Goddess Ambal to give initiation (Deeksha). To its sequel, the saathaka (eligible trainee) will be advised (Upadesam) to undergo several unique Siddha practises and techniques to finally achieve Maranamilla Peru Valvu (Deathless life).