Rasamani - The Solidified Mercury:

One among the most advanced scientific skills that ancient sages mastered, is the art of "Rasavadham" (Known as "Alchemy" in English). The basic idea of this ancient technique is to transmute the lower atomic numbered base metals like iron, copper etc., to higher atomic numbered noble metals like Silver, Gold etc. by following some set of methodology using secret herbs and refining techniques.

Mercury is a heavy liquid metal termed as "Quick Silver". It is a fair conductor of electricity but poor conductor of heat. Mercury has a very low melting point and is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. It is identified by saints to be the male element (Lord Shiva) and was believed by them, that it can be used to create many other metals by mixing varying quantities of Sulphur (the female element, Goddess Shakthi). Mercury doesn't react with Gold as both are metals, but mercury dissolves Gold to form an Alloy. It is highly toxic/dangerous in its impure form and highly divine in its purest form. Indulging Mercury into various "Pudam" (refining technique), makes it purified before it could be solidified to make "Rasamani". A pure Rasamani can be melted to Mercury form, without any loss of its weight. The secret behind making a pure Rasamani is known only to Siddhars and any imitation of it available in market will give adverse or ill effects of Mercury.

Rasamani resembles the air planet Mercury. In other words it is called as "Gagana Mani" or "Gagana Gulika", where the word "Gagana" means "Air" and Mani/Gulika means "Ball". It gives tremendous powers to those who wear it or does meditation by placing it under their tongue or hands. It enables the person to become lighter than air thus enabling him to travel to any destination in seconds. This supernatural power is one among the eight great siddhis (Ashta Maha Siddhis). Apart from this, it provides innumerable abilities to relieve from all sins, karmic effects, diseases, and many sufferings. It alleviates from all negative vibrations and provides purest positive vibration which is the Parabrahma Swaroopa (Almighty's form). By using this Rasamani regularly, one gets the vision of God in the form of light instantly, and it provides deathless state to the body.

This divine Rasamani is made with utmost sincerity and athma suthi by dedicated alchemists and Siddha doctors at Ashram for the well being of devotees and followers of Ayya who gets the divine eligibility order by Lord Maha Kala Bhairava himself.