Siddha Medicinal Research:

Being a Siddhar from the ancient times, Ayya had acquired all the finest and judicious knowledge of Siddha medicines, by the divine bliss of Lord Maha Kala Bhairava. He teaches this art to his disciples in its original pure form by following proper Aathma suthi (cleansed mind/soul) and devoted meditational methodologies.As very few people are interested in this system, and this divine theory is dying year by year, Ayya is very keen in the upliftment of its practises and has put in strenuous efforts to promulgate its importance to the general mass. One of the most vital part of this system lies on making and mixing of the "Guru Marundhu" with the traditional herbs. Very few people on this earth knows the original secret of preparing this medicine, which is the father of all medicines on this universe. Ayya had mastered this preparation and knows the finest acumen of its methodology and functionalities. It is the one, which sustains the life forms on this earth.

There are many differences between the siddha medicines available in general market and the ones given by Ayya. The herbs need to be plucked on a specific time and day depending on the plant and the disease to be treated. There are several secrets known only to Siddhars regarding how to pluck/obtain the herbs. Before doing that, the rasi and nakshatra of the patient needs to be identified. All the herbs contain three properties viz. Spiritual,Chemical and Healing . All the herbs contains toxicity (dosham as defined in spirituality).

These toxins has to be removed completely as per the property/nature of the herb, before it could be used for making medicines. Improper toxin removal techniques may lead to side effects or at times the medicine itself going useless. These all secrets are well known to Ayya and the medicines given from his holy hand will be the final cure for the disease. These siddha medicines are available in the form of lehyam, baspam, kashayam, melugu, and maathirai.

Ayya is benevolent in encouraging Siddha research and always honors the saints,sadhus and siddha practitioners coming to the ashram. They are welcomed to impart information of their researches and any help for their new endeavours are given full fledged support by Ayya and his disciples at all times. They are provided with free food, clothing and lodging within the ashram's premises to carry out their research activities. Many rare herbs which are very hard to find anywhere else, are identified by Ayya and are grown all over at our ashram's premises. This makes Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam one of the best place for Siddha research activities. Above all, Ayya's gracious guidance and blessings would embark on innumerable findings of new medicines for this sick ridden world, enabling the practitioner to become a master of this art in short span of time.

Ayya had provided his unique mixture of Siddha medicines to several patients and had cured deadly diseases, incorporating a bilateral approach of showering spiritual powers on rare life saving herbs and roots. Much of the medicines, as known by his disciples, comes out of the air through his meditational powers at the wink of the eye. Ayya used to always prepare medicines beforehand for the diseases which are yet to be discovered/realized in this present world, by calculating time and natural factors. Recent noteworthy achievement is his, permanent curative medicine for the H1N1 influenza disease commonly called as Bird/Swine flu.
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