Jeeva Nadi - The truth about past, present and the future:

Life forms evolved from a single sensed algae to a fully grown six sensed human being. Man is considered to be the spectacular creation of this universe, ever crafted by the Almighty. Man continued to exist from several thousand years, even when several other living beings were created only to face a complete extinction. The uniqueness of man to be the leader among all other life forms in our eco system, is the ability of him to awake his own soul by perceiving all truthful information out of his illusive surroundings and join back with his original birth point. He undergoes strenuous struggles and travels through time by taking many births through different physical forms like plants, creepers, animals, birds etc., and finally attains the human form to realize the ultimate truth by graceful guidance of the Almighty. Unknowing about this great hidden secret about him, and getting deceived by maya (illusion/fantasy) and other life's pressurized circumstances, between the duration of this great life's cycle process, he tends to commit several wrong karmas (doings) in several of his births. This paves the root cause for his next birth form and all his sufferings. Until unless he wakes up to realize the reason for his sufferings and identify the truthful path to nullify these bad karmas to zero, he continues to take several births again and again. Only a human, could realize this truth to its enterity and come out of this never ending cycle. Thats why the birth, as a "Human" is considered to be a rarest gift and one should not waste it by passing away time as told by Sri Avvaiyar Siddhar in her verses "Aridhu Aridhu Maanidarai Pirathal Aridhu".

Enlightened souls like Rishis, Munivars, Siddhars and Nadhaas knows the truth about everything on this universe and could sense the past, present and the future events accurately. The information about a jeevan (soul) comes in a row of messages called as the "Jeevanadi", where the word "Nadi" means "approach" which is usually misconcepted by many, as the nerves in the body. Jeevanadi contains the full life's history of the approaching jeeva athma, giving the exact information about what has happened in past and what will be happening in the future. These Jeevanadis are identified by the top most in the ancestry and get their name like Sri Kagapujandar Jeevanadi, Sri Agasthiar Jeevanadi etc.

Depending on the praptham (divine eligibility) for a jeevan, this rare information will be made available by God's love and grace through the mode of poorna sharanagathi (full surrender) shown towards the Gurunadhar (spiritual master). Whoever is capable of receiving this holy truth, will surrender to Ayya at his first sight or words. Being benevolent and graceful, Ayya forgives many jeevans and prays to God for their jeeva mukthi and thus tries to extract all the concealed secrets about them, inspite of many hinderence/obstacles caused to reveal it. Majority of them who arrives at the Ashram have got this rarest chance to know the truth about themselves. Out of the Jeevanadi, everyone will get a final remedy for their long lasted diseases, sufferings and problems. No one on this earth could predict the truth to this accuracy that Ayya could do. His eternal bliss runs to the rescue of all the capable souls of this earth at the right time, to achieve healthy, wealthy and happy life.

A record describing the past, present and future well beings of every individual's life, which was been composed on palm leaves over many centuries ago by ancient Siddhars who had an extraordinarily developed consciousness. Jeevanaadi is composed with an intention to guide an individual towards the way of spiritual well-being (Gnana) and to provide an enduring solution to one's healthy physical and mental state.

As per the order of Sri Kagabujandar, the Jeevanaadi had been recited everyday erstwhile. But here on, the same shall be read, and its benefits shall be explained to the devoted and cherished individuals during Full Moon Day (Pournami) of every month. The significance of Sri Kagabujundar Jeevanaadi shall be shared to the one who is in need absolutely free of charge.

Interested individuals are required to furnish the details of their full name, date, time and place of birth and the questions that one intends to get enlightened about for the predictions. It is also to be noted that Jeevanaadi benefits shall be recited to only 21 members every month. Hence the prediction shall be sent to the requested individuals either through their e-mail or on WhatsApp on a batch by batch basis every month.