Homam/Yagam - The holy fire ceremony to appease God:

This is one of the common modes of sacred rituals, performed in front of the Agni (Fire) to pacify Gods and get their blessings and powers. Homas are performed to bring benefits for individuals or a small group and yagams are considered to bring benefits for a larger circle (usually done for the welfare of country and mankind). Fire is considered to be the supreme of Gods and in ancient times many sacrifices like gold, gems and other precious items of livelihood were offered in the fire to attain goodwill of God. Usually, ghee, rice, puffed rice, herbs, cereals, and roots are offered to the fire god, as precious items cannot be offered by everyone at all times. The level of powers attained also depends on the type of offerings pledged, the purpose and the God whose grace is seeked. If one performs homa for good health, he directs the offerings to Lord Surya (The Sun deity), and if one performs homa for rain, he directs his prayers and offerings to the Lord Indra (The Rain deity) and if one performs it for victory and general prosperity he directs Agni to take the offerings to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Likewise, homa can be combined together to seek blessings of different gods also.

Homa and Yagam are usually done with priest(s) sitting in front of the fire place (Homa Kundam), chanting mantras of the specific gods, and providing offerings to the fire god. As it is considered to be one of the powerful ways of bringing abundant spiritual powers, these rituals are performed in front of the gatherings for the sake of everyone's goodness. The process of Homam and Yagam can be divided into four segments. "Japam" being the first, the priest meditates himself to bring his mind to the perfect concentration on the act which he is going to perform. "Tharpanam" being the second, the priest purifies the surroundings and himself, to bring in positive vibrations around. "Bajanai" being the third, the priest chants mantras for a calculated number of times and the fourth being the "Saathaka Seva", wherein the priest serves the public by sharing his spiritual gains.

Yagams are performed at Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam on important days like Ashtami, Pournami, Amavasai, Sivarathri etc. The difference between the traditional homas and yagams, and the ones performed at the ashram, would be that, at the ashram homas/yagams are done as per perfect Siddha and Aagama rules. Only, rare herbal roots, and stems which produces less smoke and brings in purified/oxidised air are used as offerings to bring in good health and positive vibrations all around the place. All the yagams and homas are performed in front of Lord Maha Kala Bhairava thus the result of it, is the emanation of abundant spiritual energy which removes diseases, curses, sins and obstacles instantly. Yagams performed by Ayya has brought many miracles in several person's life.
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