Aadai Dhanam - The Garment Donation:

Considered to be second among the basic necessities of life, cloth plays a significant role in human's life. It provides protection to the physical body to safeguard it against the nature's differing climatic conditions and also paves way for human to live a more civilized life when compared to other life forms on this earth. One who contributes/donates cloth to poor and needy will get prosperity (Mangalam) in their life and the graceful blessings of Goddess Ambal.

Poor and Needy people who cannot afford to earn for satisfying the three basic needs of their life, are often invited at Ashram's premises and provided with new garments. At the ashram, approximately in a year, more than 5000 Dhoties and Saris are provided to poor men and women who come from downtrodden villages and slums. If you want to celebrate the happiness seen out of a poor's face and get the divine blessings of all the Siddhars and Goddess Ambal, you can contribute your donations by contacting the Ashram's office.
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