Cash for the poor and needy:

In every function/occassion at Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam, some economically weaker villages and the list of families who fall under poverty class are identified with the help of their respective panchayat authorities. Widowers, Orphans, poor families, families who cannot afford to proper shelter and basic amenities, and older aged people without any famlily/financial support are some of the poverty classes selected for the financial support from Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam. Ayya provides the cash in-hand to them and blesses for the upliftment of their wealth and health.

Apart from these activities, several economically weaker school children are invited at all the special occassions of the ashram and are provided with free study materials and stationery items like Notebook, geometry box, pencil, pen, ruler, eraser etc. These are done to bring happiness in their heart and a moral support to excel in their studies. As advised by Ayya many other charitable activities are planned for the future.
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