Services of Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam

As regards the vow of Sathguru and Nadhaas, Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam is started at Periakulam village, on Kanchi road of Thiruvannamalai District. Lord MahaKalaBhairava (The God of Time) has all the nine planets as different parts in his body and blesses all his devotees for their well being. Since Lord Bhairavar is the Guru to all the siddhars and the lord for all the directions (Thisaigal), he gets rid of all the curses and effect of the sinful deeds of his devotees from their present and past births.

The above divine activities/services done at Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam are done as per proper Siddha techniques and comes directly under the purview of Lord MahaKalaBhairava himself.

You and your family are most welcome to participate in all these holy events and gain all the blessings and holy grace of Lord Shiva to lead a healthy and peaceful life.