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Kaga Ashram - Meditation Hall

Temples at the Ashram:

As regards the vow of Sathguru and Nadhaas, Kaga Ashram is started at Periakulam village, on Kanchi road of Thiruvannamalai District. Lord MahaKalaBhairava (The God of Time) has all the nine planets as different parts in his body and blesses all his devotees for their well being. Since Lord Bhairavar is the Guru to all the siddhars and the lord for all the directions (Thisaigal), he gets rid of all the curses and effect of the sinful deeds of his devotees from their present and past births. All the divine activities/services done at Kaga Ashram are done as per proper Siddha techniques and comes directly under the purview of Lord MahaKalaBhairava himself.
Kaga Ashram is placed in the bottom of Koundhi Hills where the Kounthi munivar did meditation and received dharshan of god.
Among the holy places representing the five elements of the nature (Panja Bootha Sthalangal), Thiruvannamalai signifies the "Fire", the important element symbolizing the life's force evolving from Athma to Paramathma level. Hence if a person goes around the mountain (Girivalam) with utmost sincerity/dedication and prays to Lord Bhairava, he will bestow his grace on him and get rid of all his curses/sins. The person gets his life's vital force enriched to attain Maha siddhis and Jeeva Mukthi(the destiny of life's process) at the mere thought of him.

Meditation Hall:

Kaga ashram has got a unique meditation hall in a very peaceful environment surrounded by various herbal plants and trees. The air surrounding the hall contains the mix of the both Guruís grace and rare herbs which can cure innumerable diseases and ailments.

The meditation hall is built in a very calculated position and is in the form of Octagon (Ashtagam) symbolizing the eight directions. Each direction in this hall is guarded by the respective Lord Bhairava and one can get a feel of rare positive vibration on entering the hall.

Madura Melpadoor,Periyakulam is the proper and the best place to perform meditation,penance,charity and to get the blessings of Lord Shiva, and all the divine forces through pooja.