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  Sri Kagapujandar is one of the most remarkable siddhars that this universe has known so far. Of the innumerable/countless (Pathinen kodi) Siddhars that our universe possess,Sri Kagapujandar is the greatest or invincible siddhar that time had ever seen. He is reverently addressed as Ayya by all his devotees and beloved followers.

In the whole of the universe there are 9 Nadhaas, who have under them all the siddhars and the siddhars have under them all the Rishis and the Rishis have under them all the Munivars.Sri Kagapujandar is the master of all the Nadhaas.

During the times of cosmic element destruction (apocalypse) he foresees the end of all the galaxies and the beginning of the new era. He has always been the one empowered, to decide, who will be the next Shiva for this Universe and he is the one who gives Lord Shiva his Upadesam (Divine Initiation).

Every 60 years is considered as 1 maha siddha year. As per this calculation, for last 59 years "Sri Korakkar" held that position.

Starting from 30/10/2003 "Sri Kagapujandar" will be the leader. Sri Kagapujandar has received the blessings of "LORD SRI SHIVA", who is the principal head of all siddhars and being the beginning and the end himself.

Naadhaas - Those who attained the Divine Grace and the power of Lord Shiva. They have GnanaDhegam. Naadham - "the fusion of super conscious sound and God's graceful light" is present everywhere(i.e. the whole Galaxy). Like this Naadham, the Naadha Rishis are also present everywhere.

Siddhars - Those who realize the siddha/arts by love and affection. Siddhars are those who obtained the 65th art of deathlessness after obtaining all the other 64 divine arts and they lead a normal day to day life with the common people. They do not folow any particular religion/god. They bestow everybody with love and affection. They are very knowledgeable in all aspects of life and science. Siddhars are those who have attained the super natural powers (Ashta Maha Siddhis) and live a life without death.

Rishis - They are basically Munivars who by their deep experience & knowledge share their thoughts with the common people. They do this by narrating stories of interest to people. They treat all people equally immaterial of them being a king or a layman. They show the right path to the people. They are well educated and knowledgeable. They however follow one God and preach others are inferior to their belief. They either do not attain the deathless life or not interested in it.

Munivars - Those who give up everything in their life to attain a single goal and also finally acheve these goals.

One among his plenty of reincarnations, Sri Dharmalinga Swamigal was born to Mirazdar and Chinammal Ammayar.. Click here to read about Ayya.