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Kaga Ashram - Bhairavar Peedam

Temples at the Ashram:

As regards the vow of Sathguru and Nadhaas, Kaga Ashram is started at Periakulam village, on Kanchi road of Thiruvannamalai District. Lord MahaKalaBhairava (The God of Time) has all the nine planets as different parts in his body and blesses all his devotees for their well being. Since Lord Bhairavar is the Guru to all the siddhars and the lord for all the directions (Thisaigal), he gets rid of all the curses and effect of the sinful deeds of his devotees from their present and past births. All the divine activities/services done at Kaga Ashram are done as per proper Siddha techniques and comes directly under the purview of Lord MahaKalaBhairava himself.
Kaga Ashram is placed in the bottom of Koundhi Hills where the Kounthi munivar did meditation and received dharshan of god.
Among the holy places representing the five elements of the nature (Panja Bootha Sthalangal), Thiruvannamalai signifies the "Fire", the important element symbolizing the life's force evolving from Athma to Paramathma level. Hence if a person goes around the mountain (Girivalam) with utmost sincerity/dedication and prays to Lord Bhairava, he will bestow his grace on him and get rid of all his curses/sins. The person gets his life's vital force enriched to attain Maha siddhis and Jeeva Mukthi(the destiny of life's process) at the mere thought of him.

Bhairavar Peedam:

Lord Bhairava is the moving form of Lord Shiva and they guard the directions. There are eight Maha Bhairavars controlling the eight directions of this universe. Each Bhairavar has eight sub Bhairavars under them. All of the Bhairavars are ruled and controlled by one Maha Sorna Kala Bhairavar, who is the supreme ruler of time of this universe. He who is the Bhairavar who resides at the ashram. Usually Lord Bhairava always blesses the world together with his vahana (vehicle) “The Dog”. But only at Kaga ashram he blesses his devotees without his vahana. He is 5 feet tall with his original grandeur appearance and weapons. He arrived at the ashram as a Suyambu (Automatically formed), which is the most amazing fact about the peedam.

The Bhairava Peedam has been consecrated with the Eighteen Maha Siddha purushas of this universe. If devoted, one can get the visibility of all the Siddha purushas here. There are proper ways taught at the ashram to get the blessings of them and to view them in their omnipresence form. The peedam has got its Rajagopuram installed in the year 2011 and one can get the glimpse of its artistic appearance at the first few steps from the entrance of the ashram. Lot many worldly secrets will be revealed if one get the blessings of Lord Bhairavar (supreme god for life force) present at our ashram.

Yagam (Fire ceremony) and Poojas are regularly conducted at the peedam to regulate the positive vibrations of Lord Bhairava and 18 Siddhars and to shower their blessings on the devoted peoples. Every Amavasya (No Moon day), Poornima (Full Moon day) and Ashtami (8th day from No/Full moon day) days at the ashram sees a special inflow of people coming in for curse/sin removals. Regular Arulvakku by Siddhar Sri Shiva Swamigal and Ayya can be witnessed on these special ceremonies. Remedies for incurable diseases are provided at these occasions by the blessings of Lord Bhairava, for whoever who gets the Praptham (Divine Chance). Those who involves in punya (good deeds) works at the ashram will get special blessings of the Gurunadhar, which escalates one’s spiritual prowess up faster than normal.
Madura Melpadoor,Periyakulam is the proper and the best place to perform meditation,penance,charity and to get the blessings of Lord Shiva, and all the divine forces through pooja.